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Directors of ECEF recently worked through the numerous applications for the Young Manager Bursary award for 2021, sponsored by former CMAE Presidents, Marc Newey, CCM CCE, and Arnaldo Cocuzza CCM. The bursaries are aimed at Managers aged under 30 across Europe.

The judging panel decided that Matthew Chadwick, Head of Performance at The Northern Lawn Tennis Club in England and Francisco Javier Villaescusa Rodriguez, Pro Shop Manager at Roda Golf Beach Resort in Spain were to be awarded the two bursaries. 

Pictured- Matthew and Francisco

The bursary will fund both candidates to attend an MDP 1 Course this year to start their journey to achieving CMAE ‘s Club Management Diploma (CMDip) which is recognised as the benchmark club management qualification. 

On receiving the bursary, Matthew said “I am extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to further my knowledge in club management. I would like to thank ECEF for this prestigious award and for giving me the opportunity to progress through the CMAE Education pathway. I believe it will be of great benefit to me in furthering my knowledge and career in club management within the evolving Tennis Club industry. I look forward to enrolling on the course in the Autumn”

 Francisco added “I can’t believe it, this is a big step in my career, it’s an honour to be awarded with this bursary and for sure I will do my best to keep improving. Thank you ECEF!”.