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Nature of activities and mission

The ECEF has been formed for educational purposes to promote intellectual excellence in the field of club management. This will be achieved by awarding bursaries or research grants to individuals and by making gifts or contributions to educational programmes based on CMAE’s Management Development Programme (MDP). CMAE is a non-profit making professional association for members involved in the management of golf, sports, health & fitness, leisure, city and dining clubs located throughout Europe. Together with their Affiliate Partners, the CMAE represents over 6,500 club management professionals in over 27 countries around Europe and the Middle East.


CMAE’s Board has recognised that, in parallel with development and delivery of its top class MDP education programme, there is a need for adequate funding to support both current managers and their successors to enrol in these programmes. ECEF will provide grants to individuals seeking to expand their practical knowledge of club management. It will also seek to provide additional funding to develop, maintain and expand CMAE’s long term education programme for the professional development of club managers. ECEF invites applications for the annual Joe Perdue Bursary Awards and the Young Manager Bursary. Launch dates and qualifications details are available direct from ECEF or CMAE.

Help us develop our industry leaders

The Foundation is campaigning to generate funds to become a truly sustainable organization, and we want to hear from you if you have practical ideas for fund-raising activities at your club, by your company or in your organisation.

Representing over 6,500 club management professionals in over 27 and the Middle East.

2018/9 Board of Directors


Marc Newey CCM CCE
Roehampton Club, London
[email protected]

Chief Executive

Nigel Cartwright
EPB Compliance Officer
Pfizer Sports Club, Sandwich (retired)
[email protected]


James Burns CCM
Milltown GC, Dublin, Ireland


Peter Owen
RAF Club, London (retired)
[email protected]

Fundraising Ideas

With your help, these might be:-

Donations: Donations of any size are welcome to help us build the funds we need to support education. These can be monetary donations or goods/services that the ECEF can convert into funds through auctions, raffles, dinners and other events. Our address for donations is given below.

Scholarships: If any individual, club or organisation is interested in sponsoring a scholarship for an aspiring manager, senior staff member or a deserving student through a course or series of courses, please call us now.

Sports Days: We plan to hold a limited number of fund raising sports or golf days each summer in various European countries. If your club can host or organise such an event, please contact us.

Auctions: Do you have something that can be auctioned to raise funds?

Dinners, Social Events: If you or your club/organisation would like to organise a fund-raising social event, let us know as soon as possible.

Promotions: If you would like to organise a promotion with a percentage of sales/registrations donated to the ECEF, let us discuss this with you. All individuals, Clubs or Companies who contribute funds will be acknowledged in our Donor List on our website.

Latest News

ECEF continues Bursary to attend 2019 European Conference on Club Management in partnership with Kerry London

Kerry London Limited Insurance Group is keen to support all prospective and current Club Managers to fulfil their potential in an often demanding profession. Kerry London supports all aspects of cricket, offering insurance to clubs and stadia, individuals and professional players.   Kerry London CEO, Imogen Coggan, is again offering one fortunate person the opportunity to attend the three […]

John Jackson wins 1st ECEF Young Manager Bursary!

Directors of The European Club Education Foundation (ECEF) recently worked through the numerous applications for the new Young Manager Bursary award, sponsored by former CMAE President, Marc Newey, CCM CCE and aimed at Managers aged under 30 across Europe. A judging panel of senior Club Managers, past and present, including new ECEF Chairman Marc, decided […]